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About Us

About Life Solutions Associates, LLC

A full-service insurance agency with 26 combined years of insurance experience dedicated to serving the needs of our community.  Health care and the financial landscape are changing retirement plans right before our eyes.  Our focus is to educate clients about these changes, assist  them make sound  choices to meet their individual retirement needs,  using solid products and services geared for the future.  We are a family owned and operated business, offering exceptional client services.

Laurie Henry-Fouts, RN

utilizes her 31 year RN, cardiovascular educator, consultant, and 11 year insurance background  to educate clients and customize Medicare, health and retirement plans to meet current health care challenges.   By staying ahead of the curve, she enjoys helping her  clients find additional resources for health care expenses .  Recent Health Care Reform laws and the Pension Protection Act changes led  to the introduction of new-styled hybrid health and financial products which provide  strong tax advantages and additional health care benefits.  These new “health related” products were designed to stretch and preserve a family’s retirement savings.

George Fouts

offers a great deal of business background  in the marine and industrial industries, alongside his 10 year insurance experience to focus on Individual and small business retirement  planning.   A consultant at heart, he develops strong relationships with his client, analyzes their financial future, and introduces recent tax law changes to address their business retirement portfolios.  Many clients beginning retirement savings programs were not aware of these changes and amazed to learn it can cost their company more money not to have the right retirement plan in place!

Terry Henry-Mitts

demonstrates exceptional people skills and genuine concern with her Medicare clients.   Over the past 5 years as an insurance agent, she has blossomed into a Medicare expert, patiently and gently working with seniors to help them understand their options and to find the best product that meets their changing health care needs and concerns.   She has become a recognized leader in the industry because of her diligence, strong product knowledge,  customer service skills, and genuine compassion.